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INTERREG BALTIC SEA Programme: Second call for applications open

The second call for applications of the Interreg Baltic Sea Programme is now open It covers 3 priorities:

- Capacity for innovation;

- Management of natural resources; and

- Sustainable transport.

The submission of proposals is structured in a 2 steps procedure:

Step 1: the concept note (open)

In step 1, each lead applicant is asked to submit a concept note – describing the project’s strategic relevance, main outcomes, core activities and the planned partnership. The concept note has to be submitted in electronic (pdf) version not later than 1 June 2016

Step 2: the application form (to be opened in September 2016)

Applicants whose concept notes are selected by the Monitoring Committee in September 2016 need to prepare complete project applications by January 2017. The content of the application form has to be based on the earlier developed concept note.

The timeline might be adjusted depending on the number of concept notes received.

For more information, please contact our staff.

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