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P2L2 Project Upcoming Events

Study Visit (Vilnius) 4th-6th April 2017

On the first week of April, the project will conduct the next study visit in Vilnius, Lithuania. It will be hosted by the Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre (MOSTA) together with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA). Participants will have the opportunity of analysing the main elements of the Lithuanian ecosystem and meeting important players responsible for the definition, implementation and review of the RIS3.

Study Visit (Denmark) 27-29th June

On last week of June, the Danish Agency for Science and Innovation (DASTI) will organise a study visit in Denmark. Participants will meet Danish stakeholders involved in the definition of the RIS3 strategy and beneficiaries of the Danish policy instrument addressed in the project (The Danish Cluster and Network Strategy). The partners will meet representatives of the Danish Innovation Cluster for Production (Inno-Pro) and the Danish Materials Network (DMN), among others.

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