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URBACT III Call for Action Planning Networks

A new call for proposals for the creation of up to 23 Action Planning networks is now open

Deadline for applications: 17th April 2019

Transnational exchange and learning networks are one of the core strands of activities of the URBACT programme. They aim to support European cities with the design and implementation of sustainable integrated urban policies. Depending on their local situation and needs, cities may join URBACT by taking part in 3 different types of networks:

1. Action Planning networks: supporting cities in addressing a policy challenge by producing an integrated action-plan

2. Implementation networks: supporting cities with the delivery of an existing integrated urban strategy/ action-plan

3. Transfer networks: supporting cities in adapting and re-using a good practice to enhance their urban policies

The URBACT III Programme is looking for up to 23 new Action Planning networks. Action Planning networks aim to help cities in Europe find solutions to common urban challenges. These networks bring together up to 10 partners from different European countries to share experience and learn from each other. The partners will produce an Integrated Action Plan and will have the opportunity to test some small scale solutions in their cities. This work is done by bringing together local stakeholders and working in local and transnational partnerships.

It is an exciting journey of discovery, sharing and experimentation which will empower city stakeholders, change the way your city works and have a real impact at local level. All of this is achieved using a tried and tested URBACT method of exchange and learning with tools adapted to your needs and support from experts and peers.

To learn everything about the call for proposals and how to apply, please consult the page f the call and all the related documents.

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