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EUI Call for Proposals

EUI has officially launched its second Innovative Actions Call with a budget of EUR 120 million ERDF supporting cities in three thematic areas: ‘Greening Cities’, ‘Sustainable tourism’ and Harnessing talent in shrinking cities’.

This Second Call is open to all EU cities and is focusing on three new topics:

  • Greening Cities': to experiment and deliver tangible innovative solutions on green infrastructure to better address biodiversity, pollution, resource and climate challenges; highly contributing to the green and just transition under the Cohesion policy investments.

  • Sustainable Tourism’: to support long-term green and digital transformation and resilience of the tourism ecosystem. This topic aims to improve conditions for both residents and visitors of the city.

  • Harnessing talent in shrinking cities’: to retain and attract talent, particularly in regions identified by the European Commission in the Communication ‘Harnessing talent in Europe’s regions’.

The EUI programme is looking for projects that experiment innovative solutions able to be scaled-up and transferred to other cities.

The Call is open until 5th October 2023 at 14h00 CEST.

If you are a city interested in participating, do not hesitate to contact us:

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