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EUI launches two calls for capacity-building activities!

The two calls for capacity-building activities are now open!

There are two different calls: City-to-City Exchanges & Peer Reviews

City-to-City Exchanges

Looking to discuss with fellow urban practitioners a specific challenge you are facing? Interested in building your capacity in integrated, participatory, and place-based approaches to Sustainable Urban Development?

The Call for Applications for city-to-city exchanges opened on 4 April 2023 and will close on 17 November 2023 at 12:00 CET.

A city-to-city exchange brings together an urban authority (‘the applicant’) facing a specific implementation challenge related to Sustainable Urban Development and another urban authority from a different EU Member State with expertise that could help tackle this challenge (‘the peer’) for a short-term, quickly implemented visit. In principle, city-to-city exchanges are bilateral in nature, but a second peer may be included if justified. A city-to-city exchange is a bottom-up, on-demand activity. The content, timing, and format of the exchange are defined by the applicant according to their specific needs related to the design and implementation of Sustainable Urban Development. The peers must be identified by the applicant.

Peer Reviews

Interested in building your capacity in the design and/or implementation of Sustainable Urban Development strategies? Looking to improve the strategy of your urban authority while meeting and connecting with fellow urban practitioners?

The first Call for Applications for Cities under review is launched on 4 April 2023 and will close on 29 May 2023 at 12.00 CET.

European Urban Initiative (EUI) peer reviews are a set of pre-defined activities carried out by a cohort of cities to benchmark their Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) strategies. The aim is to improve the design and implementation of SUD strategies through a process of benchmarking, peer learning, and provision of recommendations. The activity brings together urban authorities undergoing review – they are the cities under review –, and urban authorities providing insights on the challenges faced by the cities under review – they are the peers. A peer review follows a specific fixed methodology and implementation process. The cities under review define the challenges to be addressed according to their specific needs, but the format and the timing of the activity are pre-defined by EUI. Applications for both cities under review and peers are submitted in dedicated calls launched at least once per year.

Cities under review will benefit from first-hand evaluation experience and the use of the peer review outcomes to further improve their own strategies (At least a draft sustainable Urban Development Strategy will be necessary and able to be improved). All participating cities will discuss common issues and challenges related to their current work on integrated sustainable development strategies. To achieve the capacity-building objective of a peer review, peers are expected to share practical knowledge and know-how helping to improve the design and implementation of SUD strategies of the cities under review. While the cities under review are the primary beneficiaries, both cities under review and peers may improve their capacities thanks to the peer learning process.

A separate call for applications for peers of the autumn/winter 2023 EUI peer reviews is expected to be launched in mid-June.

If you are interested in contracting support for preparing your applications, please, contact us:

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