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European Urban Initiative: 2nd call is closed

According to the information published by the programme, 112 applications from 21 Member States were submitted for the second Innovative Actions Call for Proposals, slightly over the 99 applications from the first call!

In total 137 Urban Authorities applied for the 2nd Innovative Actions Call, out of which small and medium-sized cities (less than 250,000 inhabitants) account for 75% of cities who applied. All cities with under 50k inhabitants (23%) applied as Associated Urban Authorities being part of proposals led by Main Urban Authorities.

The biggest interest was for the Greening Cities call topic accounting for 48% of received applications followed by applications submitted for the topic of Sustainable Tourism (29%) and applications submitted for the topic of Harnessing Talent in Shrinking Cities (23%).

Concerning the geographical coverage, most proposals and interested urban authorities are from Italy, with the highest number of applications received followed by Portugal and Spain.

On May 24, the selected project will be announced by the Programme Authorities.

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