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P2L2 Project organised the Final Conference in Bremen

On 18th November 2019, after four years of successful cooperation, P2L2 Project organized its final conference in Bremen. Hosted by the University of Bremen and the Ministry of Economy Labour and Europe, the project event was honoured with the presence of several delegations from Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Piedmont, Podkarpackie, Denmark, Lithuania composed of public administration, industry and research representatives who where received by Bremen authorities.

During the final conference, the participants had the opportunity of analysing the results of the implementation of the Regional Action Plans defined during the project. In addition, other regional good practices will be presented like, the initiative the Bremen Initiative “Keys to Innovation” in cross-cutting sectors like new materials and additive manufacturing, or ECOMAT, a success story about effective regional science-industry cooperation.

The day after the Final Conference, the project organized the last steering group meeting to discuss administrative and financial topics before the closure of the project.

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