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The multilingual staff of IkerConsulting assists you in the application for and management of European projects in Programmes such as HORIZON 2020, Interreg V/European Territorial Cooperation and Creative Europe. Beyond this, we offer our expertise in strategic and regional planning, benchmarking analysis, maritime affairs and socio-economic factors.

Karsten Seidel
Ignacio Rada
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Born 1958, experienced in EU Industrial and regional policy, and EU Institutional representation as well as in International relations. He got a MSc in Economics from the University of Bremen in 1988 and succeeded with his PhD in 1999. He has special knowledge in European maritime policy affairs, Interreg project applications, and regional development. He has been working on EU projects since 1988, with emphasis on Maritime Transport and port affairs; Evaluation of Technical Aid, Regional Benchmarking, Urban Planning and Regional Development and Telecommunication Research projects;. Karsten Seidel is part-time lecturer at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences

Born 1975, studied law in Bilbao (Deusto University). He holds an MSc in European Studies (Bilbao– Saarbrücken) and a MSc in human resource management. After his studies he worked as Barrister Assistant and then he joined the Department of European Affairs of the Basque Government in Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Maritime Museum Ría de Bilbao Foundation for several years. He has a wide experience in fundraising and management of projects. As a shareholder currently he is Managing Director of IkerConsulting. He also works as trainer in company in different fields.

Uwe Kaufmann
Ana Iturbe
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Born in 1973, got a Diploma on Enterprise and Tourism Management. Ana got a MSc in Cultural and tourism management from the University of Deusto. She is experienced in funding search and customer requirements studies, acquired in organisations as N.I.S. North Incoming Services, Fondo Formación or Maritime Museum Ría de Bilbao Foundation. She has got a wide experience in consultancy for cultural organisations and a deep knowledge in tourist and cultural marketing and training; Currently she works as Auditor in Tourism Sector for the Basque Foundation for Quality and Excellence.

Born 1959, got a Diploma in Computer Sciences by the University of Bremen. He has got a wide experience acquired during years of work at Bremen Institute for Industrial Technology and applied Work Science (BIBA). Uwe Kaufmann has been Managing Director at InfoConsult GmbH Bremen. Since 2009, he is leading in Fairtec GmbH Bremen the Team for Information Security. His main expertise is in design and management of databases; applied computer science; operating systems; security needs for information and communication systems; network applications and Project Management.

Anne Kurzweg
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Born in 1985, Anne holds a double degree in MA European Studies (Euroculture) from Uppsala University in Sweden and Deusto University in Bilbao, and a BA degree in Social Sciences from the University of Marburg in Germany. After working for the European Capital of Culture 2016 office in Donostia San Sebastian, she is further developping her expertise in planning, operating and evaluating holistic socio-cultural policies and programmes with the UBC Certificate Programm in Cultural Planning. She is particularly interested in promoting sustainable societal transformations using international cooperation as a driver.

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