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Welcome to IkerConsulting European and Regional Innovation, SL

We are an experienced team offering research and innovation knowledge services. We have specialised in the management of EU projects and fundraising for private and public development projects.

The multilingual staff of IkerConsulting assists you in the application for and management of European projects in Programmes such as HORIZON 2020, Interreg V/European Territorial Cooperation and Creative Europe. Beyond this, we offer our expertise in strategic and regional planning, benchmarking analysis, maritime affairs and socio-economic factors.


Consulting and Research services: business and regional strategic planning, innovation, internationalization

project management

Project administrative, technical and financial management &  technical secretariat

proposal writing

Preparation, concept and design of new project proposals, Fundraising and application for funds Partner search and consortium building

training & capacity Building

Training and development of competences in different fields closely linked with research, development, technology transfer and innovation

Meet The Team

Karsten Seidel

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Ignacio Rada

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Ana Iturbe

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Uwe Kaufmann

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Anne Kurzweg

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Our Offices

Bilbao - Spain

Diputación 8- 2nd Floor Dpt. 8 

Bilbao, E-48008



Bremen - Germany

Contrescarpe 33 

Bremen, D-28203



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