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Happy to announce I am officially a URBACT IV Validated Lead Expert

Actualizado: 13 jun 2023

Happy to announce I am officially a URBACT IV Validated Lead Expert!

I am validated for the following expertise:

  • Expertise in designing and delivering (transnational) exchange and learning activities.

  • Thematic expertise in Finance and resources, Culture, and Local Economy.

  • Methods and tools for integrated and participatory approaches.

  • Communication and Lead Expert skills.

I combine project management, communication, conceptual-analytical, and interpersonal skills, and draw on more than twenty years of professional experience in different EU countries.

I strongly believe in the value and impact of transnational learning and enjoy working with colleagues from different regions and city councils, coordinating interdisciplinary working teams, promoting the exchange of experiences in urban development and interregional environments, and contributing to increasing local and regional capacities through innovative approaches and improving policy instruments. Given the high impact of any intervention, cities and metropolitan areas are of special interest, as they are densely populated areas with a significant concentration of activity (economic, social, political, and cultural) and represent a melting pot of identities, cultures, and people.

I have experience in project areas like innovation, business model definition, funding opportunities & investments, entrepreneurship or culture, co-financed by European programmes for territorial cooperation (Interreg Europe, Interreg Baltic Sea Region, Interreg SUDOE, Interreg North Sea Region), research (Horizon 2020 e-content) and culture (Creative Europe) where I have not only worked on the content but also managed multicultural working groups, an activity that I have been successfully carrying out over 20 years, with personal interest and passion.

Really looking forward to supporting European cities in their learning journeys and working with so many talented peers!

Feel free to contact me: ignacio.rada(at)

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