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Interreg Europe 2021-2027

Fourth draft of the cooperation programme open for consultation

Since December 2019, the 29 Partner States involved in the Interreg Europe have worked on preparing the future 2021-2027 Interreg Europe Programme. During their last programming committee meeting in February, the Partner States approved the final draft of the cooperation programme which is available here: Final draft version of the Interreg Europe cooperation programme for 2021-2027. This draft presents the overall strategy and main features of the future programme and was approved by the programming committee on 25 February 2021. A public consultation on this final draft is open via responding to the survey by 16 April to consult all relevant stakeholders.

If you represent a local, regional or national authority, or any other institution involved in regional development policies, this survey is for you. Your answers can contribute to improving the future programme and its implementation. The final text of the programme will only be confirmed at the end of the programming process.

For more information about Interreg Europe, please visit

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